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Chiefs create more cap space by re-working Derrick Johnson, Anthony Sherman contracts

You want to become an offseason legend in Kansas City? You take a pay cut to help the team. That’s what LB Derrick Johnson and FB Anthony Sherman are doing with the Chiefs to create almost $5 million more in cap space, according to ESPN’s Field Yates.

Yates reports that DJ’s pay cut will create $4.25 million in cap space for the Chiefs. You can read about the details here. This is great news because the Chiefs obviously needed the money. Why would DJ agree to do this, you ask? I love DJ but he’s also 34 years old coming off his second Achilles injury. Father Time even catches up to the Chiefs’ Superman. DJ is on the books for $9.75 million in cap space in 2018, according to Over The Cap. This is obviously a big year for him.

That’s not all. FB Anthony Sherman took a cut that will create $550,000 in cap space for the Chiefs. He’s already a fan favorite. This helps.

That’s not a bad day for a team who was up against the cap. I don’t know exactly how much salary cap space the Chiefs have at the moment. In the past couple of days, the NFLPA’s salary cap report has shown approximately $6.5 million to $7.5 million to the current $4.77 million. We’ll see how it shakes out after all the contracts are in.