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AHPKC Chiefs Podcast: Offseason Week 1

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AHPKC Chiefs Podcast is the official podcast of Arrowhead Pride and can be found on this website with absolutely no regularity throughout the 2017 offseason

Episode 2 of the Chiefs' 2017 offseason. All of our prior episodes can be found here.

We start by catching up on the news from the first 5 days of free agency, spending most of it on Dontari Poe and the newly signed Bennie Logan.

NOTE: This was recorded before Dontari Poe signed with the Atlanta Falcons.

Then we zoom out a bit and take a wide angle lens view of the Kansas City Chiefs. One host has a strong feeling on when this team will hit its breakthrough.

We close out the show with a discussion on a simple question with a difficult answer: Is Andy Reid a great QB coach because of the QB's he picks or because he can coach up any QB? Classic nature vs. nurture debate.

This week's AHPKC Chiefs Podcast...

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