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Dontari Poe’s contract looks similar to what Chiefs gave Bennie Logan

Maybe Dontari Poe and the Kansas City Chiefs just weren’t a great fit. That’s what I’m thinking as I see the reported numbers on Dontari Poe’s new contract with the Atlanta Falcons.

We don’t know the structure or what the incentives are but the raw numbers are similar to what the Chiefs gave Bennie Logan, their new nose tackle from the Eagles. The Chiefs paid him a one-year, $8 million deal that reportedly has about $7.68 million in guaranteed money (the difference being some bonuses for each game during the season).

It sure seems like if the Chiefs wanted Poe and Poe wanted the Chiefs they could have made it happen. I don’t know the details of any negotiations between the two but these numbers support that conclusion. One other theory that makes sense is that the Chiefs couldn’t wait on Poe. They needed to secure somebody and couldn’t wait on Poe to make his visits. I’m curious ...