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Geoff Schwartz on why Alex Smith isn’t in the elite category but why he can still do it

Former KC Chiefs player and SB Nation contributor Geoff Schwartz joined NFL Network (H/T Arrowhead Addict) to talk about the Chiefs chances in 2017. Geoff thinks the Chiefs can be better if they address certain spots like inside linebacker with Derrick Johnson’s uncertainty.

We’re not here to talk about inside linebackers though. They don’t get the headlines. We’re here to talk about the quarterbacks. Geoff did mention Tony Romo and you can go and listen to what he said but the Chiefs aren’t getting him so I’ll pass over that one.

Geoff did talk about Alex Smith, which was interesting from a player’s perspective.

“That’s the thing with Alex, about two throws a game, you’re like, ‘Eh, I want those back.’ I think that’s why you can’t put him in that elite category.

“When Alex Smith was with the 49ers he got them to the NFC Championship game so he can do it. He just has to have the complementary parts around him. If your defense is going to fail in the game, I’m not sure that he can lead your team in New England to beat the Patriots.

“However, I played a playoff game with him in 2013 where he threw for 400 yards in Indianapolis. We scored 45 points. We lost the game but that’s not his fault. He’s proven he can put up points. To me, he keeps winning games, he gets the Chiefs to the playoffs, and in the playoffs you have to have a little luck.”

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