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Jamaal Charles might have to wait until after the draft to find a suitor

The Kansas City Chiefs all-time leading rusher remains a free agent. It was reported that Jamaal Charles would be visiting the Seahawks this week and while that visit is reportedly still on it comes on the heels of the Seahawks signing free agent RB Eddie Lacy, which puts the prospects of Jamaal in Seattle in doubt.

Where will Jamaal sign? When will he sign? It’s looking like he might have to wait until after the draft to sign, especially because this year is said to be a strong running back class.

The Broncos were listed as a team that fits - yes, that would make me sick - but what if Denver picks up a back in the first or second round in April? They probably wouldn’t be looking at Jamaal then.

With each day that passes, it’s looking more likely that he’ll need to wait a little longer to sign. The key periods to watch are post-draft and around training camp. He is coming off that November surgery so there would be some medical reasons why he waits to sign.