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Will the Chiefs stray from a premium position in the 2017 NFL Draft?

We looked at Todd McShay’s recent 2017 NFL mock draft where he has the Kansas City Chiefs selecting Tennessee RB Alvin Kamara. I’m not in love with a running back in the first round but I’m starting to give Chiefs GM John Dorsey the benefit of the doubt after his last two draft classes look terrific. If he thinks a back in the first is worth it, I can buy it.

The Star’s Terez Paylor also wrote about McShay’s mock draft and made a good point about the Chiefs generally drafting premium positions in the first round.

This regime believes in selecting premium positions in the first round like corner, pass rusher, left tackle and yes, quarterback,” Terez wrote. “For the Chiefs to go outside of that formula, I believe a player at another position would need to have a combination of special tape and special athleticism.”

Those premium positions in Chiefs drafts so far have been LT Eric Fisher, OLB Dee Ford and CB Marcus Peters. DT Chris Jones was a second round pick though I’m not sure if we’re classifying that as a premium position anyway.

Running back is unquestionably not a premium position these days. That would mark a departure from the Chiefs focus on those types early in the draft. A running back does fit if you look at the Chiefs using the first round to replace key players who have left or are about to leave (Jamaal Charles). But a premium position? Nope.