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This Dontari Poe contract is going to be really interesting

(UPDATE: It’s in ... one year, $8 million)

I’m really curious to see the contract that Dontari Poe signs, especially after the Chiefs signed Bennie Logan. It’s going to tell us a lot about how the Chiefs really feel about Dontari Poe’s market because I’m not convinced he gets significantly more than what the Chiefs signed Logan for: one-year, $8 million (it looks like about $7.68 million is guaranteed).

If he doesn’t get more than that, it brings up plenty of questions. Did Poe not want to be here? Did the Chiefs not want Poe? The Chiefs said they wanted Poe but at what price? Are they concerned about his durability in the future?

The Bennie Logan signing seems a little unusual for the Chiefs. I thought there would be another year or two on it for some cap flexibility. He’s going to play fewer snaps than Poe but earn more than anyone else on the defensive line. Maybe that’s a commentary on how the Chiefs feel about Logan’s play or maybe they were a week into free agency with a big-ass hole* in the middle of their defense and panicked (is that the right word?) a little bit to sign Logan to a deal with a pretty good sized cap hit. I don’t know, I just didn’t expect a one-year deal worth that much money.

The other part of this is that Chiefs GM John Dorsey is probably right. He probably nailed the market for Poe and defensive linemen. He’s shown he understands the market at other positions (like LDT’s deal) so even though Logan’s deal might look a little different it probably fits right in.

*Someone asked me if I was saying Poe is an asshole ... ha, no, no. A big hole in the middle of the defense. That’s what I get for adding a little flavor. My Mom was right about cussing.