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New Chief Bennie Logan says he is a run stopper and he’s on a prove it deal

New Kansas City Chiefs defensive lineman Bennie Logan is a run stuffer. That’s what we knew about him coming in and that’s the big takeaway after he spoke with the Kansas City media on Wednesday.

“That is my strength,” Logan said, “stopping the run and what not, but I feel like I can rush the pass also. My numbers as far as sack wise haven’t been there, but this past year, I did a good job of getting to the quarterback before I got injured later in the season.”

I know he wants to be a pa$$ rusher but the Chiefs have a few guys they like on passing downs. Most of figure Logan will come off the field on passing downs but it sounds like even Logan doesn’t know his exact role

“We didn’t really talk about how I was going to be used or anything like that,” Logan said on the conference call. “I think the coach was out of town when I came up there. When I signed the contract, I just talked to the general manager, and then I had to get back on my flight. We didn’t talk about details, how I’m going to be used in the scheme and everything.”

As for why he did the one-year deal and not a multi-year deal someplace, Logan said this was a prove-it deal.

“It’s just right now what we feel comfortable with doing and everything,” Logan said. “It proves itself – get in, one term, work hard, show the team what you can bring to the team and go from there. Reestablish yourself in a defense that is already really good and go from there.”