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This 4-round NFL mock draft gives Chiefs a second round QB

After the first two rounds, we judge NFL mock drafts on whether we’ve heard of the players picked. In this new mock from Chad Reuter of, the Chiefs got some good ones because I’ve heard of not one but two players after the second round in this mock.

This four-round mock draft would be a very interesting result for the Chiefs.

27. Stanford RB Christian McCaffery

59. Cal QB Davis Webb

91. Florida LB Jarrad Davis

104. West Virginia CB Rasul Douglas

133. Notre Dame DT Jarron Jones

If the Chiefs take McCaffery, I hope they can get their value out of him. I feel like they might need more of a true running back but I can get on board with McCaffery if Big Red thinks he can use him. He earned some benefit of the doubt with the way he was able to get so much production out of Tyreek Hill last year. McCaffery could work well in a committee in the backfield.

The quarterback in the second round ... I know little about Davis Webb but I’m not a huge fan now. I can see how Andy Reid would love the guy - hard worker, seems pretty smart, the coaches like him. He’s got some Alex Smith qualities there. The offense he played in at college would be a concerning, but you get that with most quarterbacks these days. He couldn’t beat out Patrick Mahomes at Texas Tech before transferring. There are some questions.

The other three - I’ve heard of Davis and Jones so as noted above that qualifies this as a good mock draft (I’m only kinda kidding).