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Remember that time Terrelle Pryor was a Chief?

It seems weird to think about it now but Terrelle Pryor was once with the Kansas City Chiefs. Remember that? He signed with the Chiefs in January 2015 and he was cut by May 2015. A short time but he was a Chief.

It was a cool story a couple years ago but we knew he wasn’t going anywhere on the Chiefs depth chart. The Chiefs had five quarterbacks on the roster and they weren’t going to keep them all. Pryor had an uphill climb to start.

We did speculate at the time whether Pryor would be coming to the Chiefs as a quarterback or another position like receiver or tight end. I never thought Pryor would actually turn out to be a good player at a position that wasn’t quarterback.

Yet here we sit today and Pryor caught 77 passes for 1,007 yards for the Browns last year as a receiver. He got a $6 million deal in Washington as a result. It’s weird to think the Chiefs had that guy as a quarterback a year earlier.

This is where I wonder how Tyler Bray’s hands are. Think he can run a fly pattern?