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NFL mock draft 2017: Updated Todd McShay mock sends a different RB to Chiefs

Todd McShay’s updated 2017 NFL mock draft has the Kansas City Chiefs taking a running back but not one we’ve been talking about: Tennessee RB Alvin Kamara. When we talk about backs in the first round we’ve been talking about Christian McCaffrey or Dalvin Cook. Kamara is a new name to add to the mix. Here’s what McShay said in his writeup:

Kamara is a perfect fit for Andy Reid's scheme. He runs with great determination/physicality, and he created a ton of yards on his own at Tennessee, which you always look for in running backs. Plus, he's more than capable of contributing in the passing game.

The question you always have to ask is how well can they catch and how well can they pass block because they need to be able to do both in Kansas City. I’m not opposed to the idea of a running back in the first round like some - I get the reason why some wouldn’t want a back in the first though - but you better be right with the pick because it does feel like a replaceable position.

Our resident draft expert Kelce Krazies wrote up the draft’s best running backs and included this on Kamara:

What I love about Kamara is that he has some small running back skills and threatens teams with the long speed and explosive plays but also plays like a bigger back getting downfield quickly and not spending time in the backfield. What I hate about Kamara is that he's a small back that doesn't utilize all the small running back skills that have proven to make them successful. What I mean is Kamara cuts upfield into the first hole he sees or that should be there rather than setting up the play using his quickness and speed. It helps not lose yards but it also limits some of his homerun potential. Some plays his vision looks exceptional, especially at seeing cutback lanes, and other times he runs directly into a tackle from a safety preventing a 50 yard TD run, untouched. Kamara isn't going to create a ton on his own but he's also not limited to relying his OL to do the majority of the work; he's a perfect balance of speed traits and power tendencies that combined with his receiving prowess that he'll be very successful at the next level.

This mock draft had two quarterbacks in the first round: Deshaun Watson going 12th to the Browns and Mitchell Trubisky going 25th to the Texans.