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Free agent LB Gerald Hodges did visit the Chiefs

Those who were asking about the reported visit from inside linebacker Gerald Hodges, the KC Star’s Terez Paylor has an answer for you. On day one of free agency last week it was reported that Hodges, former 49ers linebacker, would be visiting the Chiefs. And then ... nothing. We didn’t hear any more on that the next few days.

Terez is now reporting that Hodges did indeed visit Kansas City but he has left already without a deal.

They could’ve talked contract and didn’t agree or maybe the Chiefs were feeling him out in case he’s available later this offseason or maybe the Chiefs wanted to check out medical stuff. Whatever happened, he didn’t sign and so he’s still out there. I wouldn’t necessarily close the door on him, however.

The Chiefs are in limbo a little bit with their inside linebackers because we don’t know yet what kind of shape Derrick Johnson and his Achilles will be in for camp.

There’s also Josh Mauga, who became a free agent last week. He could be a consideration to bring back if the Chiefs need it.

The next big date to consider here is the draft. If the Chiefs don’t get an inside ‘backer in the draft, they could go back to the free agent well.