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Bennie Logan’s deal reportedly worth $8 million, how will the Chiefs fit this under the salary cap?

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I’ll never understand the salary cap nor will I understand contracts. It’s fitting then that the Kansas City Chiefs signed a player whose contract doesn’t seem to fit under the cap. The cap remains as flexible as ever.

The NFLPA had the Chiefs salary cap space yesterday at about $6.5 million ($6,525,032 to be exact). It’s being reported by ESPN that the contract for new Chiefs defensive lineman Bennie Logan is one-year, $8 million.

I am told that $8 million is actually more than $6.5 million, which seems to be a problem. It’s not a problem, in reality, I’m sure. All the public salary cap reports seem to differ. Maybe the Chiefs had more than $6.5 million in cap space. Maybe they re-did a contract yesterday to free up space and it hasn’t hit yet. Maybe the contract isn’t really worth $8 million. Maybe another cut is coming.

All those options are in play. I want to see where the Chiefs stand salary cap-wise when they come out of this. If they’re up against the cap right now, which they probably are, they might have more decisions to make this offseason.