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The Eagles will miss Bennie Logan, which is good news for the Chiefs

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New Chief Bennie Logan is similar to Poe.

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Reports came out Monday afternoon that the Chiefs are expected to sign defensive tackle Bennie Logan to a one-year deal, according to the Terez Paylor of the KC Star and tohers. Logan’s arrival to KC signals the possibility that the Chiefs may have found their replacement for Dontari Poe.

Logan, 27, has spent all four of his NFL seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles. In his first four years, he compiled 124 tackles, 5.5 sacks, 43 assists and three forced fumbles.

The general feeling surrounding Logan is that he is an asset to the defensive line and has flashes of really good play.

He has been a great player since he walked in the door for us,” said Eagles personnel director Howie Roseman at the Combine. “He (was a) huge contributor to our football team. Great character. Works hard.”

The Eagles’ SB Nation blog Bleeding Green Nation had this to say about Logan:

“I’m going to miss Bennie. The Eagles clearly didn’t make a strong effort to retain him, but defensive tackle is going to be a big need for Philadelphia now. Bennie is a really good run defender. Playing as a 3-4 nose tackle in 2015, he was one of the best run-stuffers in the league. The Eagles’ run defense clearly suffered without him on the field last year. Fletcher Cox also failed to register a sack when Logan missed 3.5 games.

“Unfortunately he just doesn’t offer much as a pass rusher.

“I think he’s a good starter, and I would have preferred the Eagles to keep him at a reasonable price. But considering he turns 28 this year and the Eagles are tight on cap space, I understand why they wouldn’t invest money in a non-pass rusher.

“He seems like a good dude (did a lot of community work) and he was a fun personality in the locker room. Wishing him the best with the Chiefs.”

He might not quite stack up to Poe’s ability, but the Chiefs simply didn’t want to spend the dollars on Poe. And as Joel noted, the Chiefs just don’t have a ton of money right now to go out and spend big dollars (like Poe probably would have demanded).

Logan was No. 9 on Pro Football Focus’ top-10 “sleeper” free agents list that could end up with some big upside. They said ...

Logan is a true nose tackle, effectively limiting him to being a two-down player ... He has the ability to make a major impact on those two downs if a team is willing to embrace the type of player he is.

This past season he was a poor fit for Philadelphia’s new, aggressive, one-gap defensive front, but the year before he notched 45 defensive stops, fourth in the league among all interior defenders despite playing just 597 snaps in total.

He had the second-best run-stop percentage in 2016, according to PFF. That’s a good sign for the Chiefs because Poe was tasked with stopping the run on the defensive line. In Poe’s five-year career (one more than Logan), he’s totaled 156 tackles, 13 sacks, 46 assists and two forced fumbles. Logan’s numbers dropped in 2016 but that could be attributed to the change in Philadelphia’s scheme on defense.

Logan’s a little smaller than Poe. He stands at 6’2 and 315 pounds. Poe is 6’3 and 346 pounds. The size isn’t too big of a difference. Logan’s still a big guy that can stop the run. (If you want to see some early in-depth analysis on Logan, check out Seth Keysor’s Twitter timeline.)

Is Logan a blockbuster move? No, but he seems to solidify Poe’s vacancy for the time being, at least. He fits with the Chiefs, so Bob Sutton should be committed to developing Logan even more.