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Falcons want a Dontari Poe free agent visit, too

Free agent and former Kansas City Chiefs nose tackle Dontari Poe has visited the Colts and is visiting the Jaguars. According to a report out of Atlanta, the Falcons want him to visit, too.

The connection here is Scott Pioli who was the Chiefs GM when they drafted Poe in 2011. (Remember how Poe was a huge reach, just a workout warrior and not a good player? Ahh, the good ‘ol days ... )

Here’s what the Chiefs should be rooting for: a big ass contract. The Chiefs should be hoping Poe signs not a one-year deal but a long-term deal with lots of money paid out in year one. That’s because the Chiefs want to get a compensatory pick out of this. A one-year deal to a team where he won’t be an every down player isn’t what the Chiefs should be looking for. They want the big money deal with lots of playing time to maximize their comp pick.

I would be fine with Poe going to the NFC. I would hate Pioli winning if this were a battle between the two teams to see who could sign him but I don’t see any reports out there suggesting the Chiefs are still in this thing. Maybe they are. Maybe John Dorsey is keeping it quiet. But it sure looks like Poe is going someplace that’s not Kansas City.