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Chiefs quiet during initial wave of free agency, their time is coming

The Kansas City Chiefs can start their free agency now.

While most teams started free agency last week when free agency actually started, the Chiefs were quiet. They had been working on extending their own guys and they are expecting at least one free agent visit.

We figured that the Chiefs probably wouldn’t be players in the first wave of free agency when the funny money is thrown out. That’s when you see fullbacks getting $5 million per year.

The second wave of free agency is the time when the Chiefs find their bargains but even now it’s harder because of the ridiculous amount of cap room available. The Chiefs are one of two teams with less than $10 million in cap space (about $6.5 million).

If it’s not this week then it’s next week when the Chiefs get involved. There’s a Husain Abdullah or a Jaye Howard to be had out there. All the Chiefs have to do is find him.