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Free agent Dontari Poe to visit Jaguars, no deal (yet) with Colts

The Kansas City Chiefs could be on the verge of losing Dontari Poe as he has taken two free agent visits. The first one was with the Colts where he told ESPN, “They’re trying to get something done.”

They didn’t get anything done. Poe took his next visit to Jacksonville to see the Jaguars. This defensive line already has Calais Campbell and Malik Jackson so it would be a monster line if he signed in Jacksonville.

No offense to Jacksonville, but it would be tough to go from the Chiefs or even possibly the Colts, to the Jaguars, who are perennial losers. “Maybe this is the year they take a step forward” is what we will say this time each year. Who knows, maybe it is ...

Also concerning here is that Colts GM Chris Ballard, who knows Poe was well as anyone, let him leave the building. That tells me they don’t agree on his value. Poe’s market has been a confusing one because there are a lot of variables, which is why you’re probably seeing some of this talk about him taking a one-year deal and trying for free agency again next year.

The longer you go, the more the price is probably dropping. There’s been no indication whether the Chiefs are still involved in the talks.