The OFFICIAL Arrowhead Pride Weekly Mock Draft Thread, 3/13-3/19

Hey there guys! I'm glad to be back in draft mode, and happy to be making another of these posts. I went back to school, so my schedule isn't as free as last draft season, but I'll try to keep up with making new threads and drafts every week. If I can't, I'm sure one of you fine fellows will take up the mantle. Let's begin!

Round 1, Pick 27 - Jordan Willis, EDGE, Kansas State

Willis shredded at the combine, and the local kid had jumped into discussion as a late first round pick. I think that he would fit in well as a pass-rusher, allowing us to more effectively rotate our EDGE guys. If the worst case scenario occurs, having another guy to throw out there is always a good idea, and if Houston and Ford are both healthy and productive, then we have a guy who can help rest them and keep the rush alive.

Round 2, Pick 59 - Sidney Jones, CB, Washington

usatsi_9637683.0.jpg This might be a bit ghoulish of me, but as Jones might have torn his Achilles at his pro day, this would make his draft stock drop quite a bit, allowing us to snag a talented CB in the second. We would likely have to let him redshirt the year due to his injury, but he could also come back late in the season.

Round 3, Pick 91 - Anthony Walker Jr., ILB, Northwestern


Walker Jr. has been a force at Northwestern, nicknamed "The Franchise," and is exactly what we need at ILB. With DJ's future in the air, as well as our ILB position being a bit scruffy, Walker could rise quickly and take over our WILB spot early on. I believe in the Franchise.

Round 3, Pick 104 - D'Onta Foreman, RB, Texas


D'Onta Foreman is six foot, 240ish pounds, and a home-run hitter at RB. Foreman bowls people over when he runs and seems like he is always pushing downfield. Behind our gelling O-line, Foreman could become the next Texas RB to become a dynamic playmaker for the Chiefs.

Round 4, Pick 132 - Dede Westbrook, WR, Oklahoma


This playmaker from OK could develop well into a WR for the Chiefs, but he doesn't have to immediately; behind Maclin, Hill and Conley, we can simply put him out as the WR4 and let him take advantage of lesser CBs, which is good, as his thin frame might not hold up for a full season as an outside starter quite yet.

Round 5, Pick 170 - George Kittle, TE, Iowa


Little known fact about me (or maybe not): I freaking hate Demetrius Harris. If given a chance to upgrade from that bum, you bet your ass I'm doing it, and Kittle is our man. An actual TE, instead of a basketball player, Pro Football Focus believed he was the "best all-around TE in CFB." As a guy who can block, catch, and run, Kittle would be an excellent choice as our TE2.

Round 5, Pick 180 - Charles Walker, DT, Oklahoma


Lance Zierlein of says that he's not very popular in Norman, OK, from how he "quit" on his team to focus on the draft. As a late fifth round pick, I'm fond of the value here. He's incredibly talented and athletic, and could develop into a solid starter at DT if he puts it together. If he can't, it's just a fifth round pick.

Round 6, Pick 216 - Collin Bevins, DE, NWMSU


This one's for Bearcat. Bevins is a local boy, at a position where we could use some depth, was incredibly productive during his time in Maryville, and could pan out as a rotational DE in his first few years. I like the value here.

Round 6, Pick 218 - Brady Gustafson, QB, Montana


At one point described as "the next Carson Wentz," Gustafson is a classic pocket passer with a big frame (6'5", 239lbs.) and a huge arm. Another small-school guy, I like Gustafson's potential to kick Tyler Bray off the team compete for the backup job.

Round 7, Pick 245 - Kenny Allen, P, Michigan


He's a punter, he's a kicker, bing bang boom. We bring him in to replace Colquitt and as a backup for Cairo if shit hits the fan.

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