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Dontari Poe has a free agent visit planned (no, it’s not the Chiefs)

This report from CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora would make it seem like the Kansas City Chiefs aren’t in the mix for free agent Dontari Poe. La Canfora says Poe has a free agent visit planned with the Colts. The Chris Ballard connection is alive.

Ballard was in the Chiefs front office the past four years and took the Colts GM job this year. Not surprised he’s interested in Poe, who remains on the free agent market. It’s been out there that Poe could take a one-year deal this year and try again in free agency in 2018. If this many teams are reportedly interested, you would think he could get a multi-year deal.

I wouldn’t love him going to the Colts because they’re in the AFC and it’s reasonable to think they could meet in a meaningful matchup. I say that because I like Poe. I hope he gets paid well wherever he goes.

Here’s our Colts blog, Stampede Blue, on Poe’s visit.