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NFL free agency grades: Chiefs get an incomplete, I guess

SB Nation is grading all of the big free agency moves which you can see right here. The Kansas City Chiefs are not on there because they didn’t do anything on day one. We kinda expected the Chiefs to be quiet because they don’t have a ton of cap space and they don’t have a bunch of obvious, must-fill holes that the draft can’t handle. We could see some action in the coming days but it likely won’t be of the $10 million per year variety.

I put a poll at the bottom of this post to gauge how you’re feeling about the Chiefs free agency. Obviously we’re all disappointed on some level they didn’t make a big move on day one but most of also realize that the Chiefs are a pretty good team whether they make a day one free agency move or not. If the Chiefs weren’t active and they were a bad team, now that would annoy the hell out of me.

A few notables grades:

Brandon Williams’ five-year, $54 million deal gets an A. That’s the going rate for these tackles. Dontari Poe probably won’t match that. We’ll see though.

Jaguars signing CB AJ Bouye gets a B. He got $67.5 million over five years ... and he wasn’t even a starter at this time last year. Incredible story.

Luke Joeckel to the Seahawks on a one-year deal. So Eric Fisher was the right pick after all, huh?

DeSean Jackson to the Bucs gets an A. I love this move. The Bucs are going to the playoffs.

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