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We interrupted Laurent Duvernay-Tardif working at the hospital to talk about his $41M deal with Chiefs

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif’s story continues. He is going to medical school and working at a hospital in the offseason while returning to work with the Chiefs. One of his jobs will now pay him $41.25 million over five years.

The Chiefs set up a conference call with LDT and the media on Wednesday and they had to interrupt him at the hospital to do it.

“I’m actually at the hospital right now,” LDT said from Montreal.

He was doing a geriatrics rotation when we talked to him.

“I took Monday and Tuesday off because I had to fly to Kansas City (to sign the contract),” he said, “but now it’s something I promised myself I was going to graduate and I’m going to finish next year on schedule by 2018. I’m currently working right now. I’ll be working for the next two months before OTAs.”

He said that he would be back maybe a week after OTAs start this spring because he has to finish up his rotation.

LDT talked about his progress over the past few years. He didn’t know much about the contract stuff but he did go at length talking about his development, especially the influence of Chiefs o-line coach Andy Heck. There’s clearly so much that goes into being an offensive lineman that the average person doesn’t know.

He also talked about the Mitchs on either side of him (Morse and Schwartz). “Mitch and Mitch on both sides of me is a really good fit and I look forward to working with them for the next few years.”