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New free agent Jamaal Charles wants to play for a playoff contender

Free agent Jamaal Charles. It doesn’t sound right and it won’t for a while but here we are. After Jamaal was cut by the Kansas City Chiefs on Tuesday, the KC Star’s Terez Paylor reported that Jamaal wanted to keep playing. NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo follows up with more details on that - specifically that Jamaal wants to play for a playoff contender.

“As far as Jamaal Charles goes, this is a guy right now who I am told number one on his list is going to be playing for a contender. So, I know some people have made the connection between the Eagles and Doug Pederson and Charles and also Chris Ballard now the general manager of the Colts having come over from the Chiefs, I get all that, but my impression from the people that I’ve talked to early on is he’s aiming a little higher, he’s aiming for teams that were in the postseason last year that he thinks have a legitimate Super Bowl chance this upcoming season. So, he’s going to start there and if the money matches up and some of these teams looking potentially for running back help - you could throw the Dallas Cowboys in there - they would be high on Jamaal Charles’ list for sure.”

This is going to make me sick considering all the pain that franchise has caused me over the years but Jamaal would be a great fit with the Colts. Yeah, they weren’t in the playoffs last year but the potential is obvious there. If Jamaal is healthy and still has some speed, he would do well in Indy.

Ugh, I hate that. I hate all this but it is what it is.