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Jamaal Charles is a Chief “right now”

Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey spoke with reporters today and among the first questions was on Jamaal Charles and his future. Jamaal is under contract but obviously missed another season with his knee injuries.

Dorsey was asked if Jamaal would be back.

“I know this, Jamaal was one of the finest running backs that’s ever put on a Chief uniform,” Dorsey told reporters. “What I admire most about Jamaal is that right now at the present he is working like a dickens to try and get himself ready for the 2017 season ... Right now, I see Jamaal as a Kansas City Chief.”

I’ll note that when he started off, he used was, as in Jamaal was one of the finest backs in Chiefs history. I noticed that when he said it. Maybe it’s nothing. He later said that he sees Jamaal as a Chief with the “right now” qualifier.

Hearing this made me feel more like the Chiefs are likely to move on but that’s just a gut feeling. We have free agency, the draft and even training camp to figure this out.

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