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Chiefs have had “positive” talks with Eric Berry, Dontari Poe

KC Chiefs GM John Dorsey said Eric Berry has had a “fantastic” season and that Dontari Poe had a “wonderful” season and that the Chiefs have been in contact with both of their reps.

“From my perspective we’ve had very positive conversations with his representatives,” Dorsey said of Berry. “As you know, moving forward these conversations will move forward in a positive light and I think that everybody can understand there comes a time when hopefully two sides can come together and mesh this thing out. That question will be answered as we move forward to the next thing on the checklist.”

Update: Berry’s agent responds to the positive talk

He’s had good conversations with Poe’s reps, too. Chiefs fans often talk about Berry and Poe as an either / or thing with one of them likely hitting free agency. Dorsey said there are “models” in their offseason forecast that has both of them staying. (He also said there were “models” that had both Alex Smith and Nick Foles).

Berry, for his part, said he would not play under the franchise tag. Would Berry actually skip the season if tagged?

“In today’s football, you never know,” Dorsey said. “When I look at this, we have very positive and open dialogue with the representatives, that’s a good thing from my perspective. Everybody’s entitled to their opinions. I know when I deal with Eric’s representatives and I feel good and positive and his representatives feel positive I think that’s positive for everybody moving forward.”

It’s all positive, got it?

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