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Someone else says Deshaun Watson’s best fit is Andy Reid and the Chiefs

Last week we saw NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah ask a number of anonymous NFL executives the best fit for Clemson QB Deshaun Watson, one of the top QBs available in the 2017 NFL Draft. One of those execs said the Chiefs and Jeremiah agreed.

Let’s move to another NFL Network reporter on Watson’s best fit. Bucky Brooks has a nice piece on Watson looking at his future in the pros. He calls him the ultimate competitor and compares him to Marcus Mariota (who was once compared to Alex Smith).

Watson’s best fit? The Chiefs, says Brooks.

If I could pick a few teams that would perfectly match his talents, I would cite the Chiefs, Bills, Giants and Cardinals as strong fits. The Chiefs, in particular, would be an ideal situation due to the presence of a proven QB developer (Andy Reid) and a veteran QB (Alex Smith) that would allow Watson to redshirt until he is ready for a bigger role. Considering how the strategy worked for Aaron Rodgers and Philip Rivers, Watson would certainly benefit from joining a team with a long-term developmental plan in place.

The big question is where he’ll get drafted. I happen to believe as the process goes on teams will become more and more desperate for a quarterback and he’ll go in the top half of the first round. Brooks pegs Watson’s draft position from the 25th pick to the 45th pick.

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