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How the Kansas City Chiefs fared in ranking the top players at each position

Pro Football Focus has completed their season-ending grades and someone posted up the top 15 players at each position in the NFL. A number of Kansas City Chiefs players were mentioned, mostly who you would think.

QB Alex Smith (14th): He was 1/10th of a point behind Ben Roethlisberger. Hmm.

FB Anthony Sherman (13th): The fullbacks don’t play many snaps so this is a small sample size.

TE Travis Kelce (1st): Duh. He was above Gronk for the title of NFL’s best tight end this year, and I don’t think anyone is arguing this.

CB Marcus Peters (10th): Sounds about right. He clearly took a step forward this year. His season is a good reason why you can’t use interceptions as the sole measure of a corner. Peters didn’t have as many picks this year because quarterbacks stated avoiding him, which helped the rest of the defense.

S Eric Berry (8th): Were there eight safeties better than Berry this year? I’ll give you two or three, not eight.

DT Chris Jones (13th): Impressive. He was just below Malik Jackson, who signed an $85 million deal in Jacksonville last year.

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