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Could the Chiefs open the 2017 season at the Patriots?

As Super Bowl 51 winners, the New England Patriots will have the opportunity to host the first game of the year next season. Typically, NBC carries it on the Thursday before the rest of the regular season begins.

This year, the Chiefs have a shot at being in that game. I looked at the Patriots 2017 home games and the Chiefs are easily one of the best options.

Patriots 2017 home games: Texans, Panthers, Falcons, Chargers, Chiefs, Bills, Dolphins, Jets

The Falcons are probably the best game there. The Panthers would be the NFC rep from the 2016 Super Bowl. The Texans have a great defense and JJ Watt, who I am told enjoys the spotlight. Those are the only three games that could compete with the Chiefs.

Based purely on football, the best opponents would be Atlanta and then Kansas City. Based on everything else the NFL bases it on, the Falcons probably make the most sense.

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