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Super Bowl overtime game made FOX a lot of money

If you think the NFL is rigged, get ready for more overtime games. That’s because the NFL’s TV partners made out quite nicely with the Patriots-Falcons Super Bowl overtime game. One report has FOX, who aired the game, getting another $20 million in ad revenue thanks to overtime.

That’s a lot of money! The viewership is probably at its highest points at the beginning of the game (for the first commercials, of course) and then at the end if it’s a close game like this one was. This was the NFL’s first Super Bowl overtime game so there was nothing to compare it to.

I’m not quite sure how the TV inventory works. They have overtime ads ready just in case the game does go to overtime? I’ll learn all these things once we get our first Arrowhead Pride Super Bowl ad. (Once you get me that $3 million you owe me)

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