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Super Bowl predictions: Picks for Patriots-Falcons is mostly New England

Our predictions for the Patriots-Falcons 2017 Super Bowl...

Patriots 34 Falcons 31

Close, fun game. Give me the GOAT though. -Joel Thorman

Patriots 30 Falcons 20

I understand the Falcons have a great offense. I really do. But I also have seen that a disciplined, talented, well-coached defense that tackles well and doesn't allow many big plays can keep them from going off (even in a dome). The Patriots are built to stop the Falcons, who depend on schematic gaps in defenses as well as mistakes that lead to big YAC gains. The Patriots don't give up YAC (in fact, they give up the least in the league) and scheme better than anyone in the league to avoid allowing the type of "gaps" Atlanta exploits. On the other side of things, nothing about the Atlanta defense makes me think they can slow down Brady, Blount, Bennett, and company. Unfortunately, this is Bill Belichick's world, and we're just living in it. -MNchiefsfan

Patriots 24 Falcons 21

I think this will be another win for Belichick and Brady but I think it will also be one of the more entertaining Super Bowls in the last several years. I think the Falcons defense is on the verge of developing into something special and there are definitely some excellent young playmakers here, but they aren’t a Super Bowl winning defense. The only team who can claim that an offense wins championships is the St. Louis Rams from decades ago, so it’s hard to vote against the Patriots here. -Matt Conner

Patriots 34 Falcons 24

Falcons don't have enough defense against an elite Patriots offense that will surely be at it's best. Belichick will have just enough to slow down Julio Jones. -Clay Wendler

Patriots 23 Falcons 27

My gut feeling. -Nathan

Patriots 27 Falcons 24

Honestly, I don't care who wins this game. I kind of stopped caring about the games this year after the Chiefs lost in the playoffs. Let's see if the Patriots have a last second holding call that alters the outcome of their game tremendously. Yeah, I'm still bitter. -Super_G

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