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Rumors continue to link Tony Romo to KC but what do the Chiefs think?

The Tony Romo rumors continue. Jason La Canfora kicked them off earlier this week with a report that Romo was eyeing a few teams as options, including the Kansas City Chiefs.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport - who notably whiffed on Dorsey’s contract report (or a foul ball, if there’s some truth to it) - followed that up with more reporting on the Chiefs, Alex Smith and Romo.

First, this NFL Network report says that the Chiefs have “been looking to upgrade at the QB position after losing in the Divisional Round for the second straight season with Alex Smith under center.”

You could take this to mean they’re looking at Romo or you could take this to mean they’re looking at someone in the draft. There are no on the record quotes supporting this. In fact, I have yet to see any quote or even a report that says the Chiefs are specifically considering Romo. It’s been “Romo likes the Chiefs” or “the Chiefs make sense as a destination”. Good luck getting the Chiefs to say something on this one.

One thing we haven’t talked about enough - which we will if this becomes real - is that it would cost something to trade for Romo. The Cowboys likely won’t cut him and let him sign anywhere.

The other thing is that you’d have to have a plan for Alex Smith. They can’t take on Alex and Romo’s salary. Rapoport says the Chiefs would likely cut him for $7 million in dead money.

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