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Chiefs’ Clark Hunt calls Eric Berry a source of inspiration ... they have to re-sign him

The Star’s Terez Paylor talked to KC Chiefs owner Clark Hunt about a whole bunch of topics ranging from drafting a quarterback to Arrowhead Stadium’s lease.

And Eric Berry, of course.

Check out this quote from Clark Hunt when asked if the Chiefs want to keep Berry:

“Absolutely — I can’t speak highly enough about Eric. The person he is, the football player he is, the leader. He’s a source of inspiration. His role for the team in 2016, what he meant to the team and the leadership he provided, we certainly want Eric back.”

I mean, if you don’t re-sign the guy after the owner has a quote like that ... They HAVE to re-sign Berry. I continue to believe something gets done. Clark doesn’t say that if they’re a million miles away from a deal, right?

The Chiefs were in a similar position with Justin Houston a few years ago. The player bet on himself and won. In Houston’s case, he put up 22 sacks in a contract year. For Berry, he put up about as good of a season as a safety can have. Houston was rewarded even if it was a tough pill to swallow. I believe Berry will be, too.

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