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One stat sums up Jamaal Charles and his impact on the Chiefs and the NFL

The Kansas City Chiefs are reportedly cutting Jamaal Charles today. The team hasn’t announced it but it’s a move that many people thought was coming. Some of us were holding out hope that they could work something out where he could remain. And perhaps that’s still possible but right now we’re getting ready to say goodbye to Jamaal.

There is going to be a lot written about him and his time in Kansas City over the coming days. We’ve already written a lot of that when his injuries first happened. I thought I would watch Jamaal run forever. He was greatness.

It’s not often you can sum up a player’s career with one stat but I believe you can here with Jamaal. He leads the NFL in yards per carry at 5.5. That is, he averaged 5.5 yards every time he carried the ball. That is the probably the most fundamental stat for a running back - and Jamaal is the best in NFL history at it. Better than Jim Brown (5.2), better than Gale Sayers (5.0) and Barry Sanders (5.0). He averaged more yards carrying the ball than any other back in NFL history.

That stat says it all. He was greatness.

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