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Eric Berry contract details: 6 years, $78 million, $40 million guaranteed

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The initial numbers aren’t always the “real” numbers but for Eric Berry they sure are big. The Kansas City Chiefs made Eric Berry the highest paid safety in the NFL with a six-year, $78 million contract. The Chiefs haven’t announced this as done but all the heavy hitters like ESPN’s Adam Schefter, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport and CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora says they are close.

A few notes on this:

  • The $13 million per year average makes him the highest paid safety in the NFL
  • He passes Cardinals safety Tyrann Matheiu ($12.5 million per year) as the highest paid safety.
  • $40 million guaranteed is a ton of money.
  • While we’re here, $20 million is a ton of money, too.
  • Berry will be 34 years old when his contract is up.