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Clark Hunt completes the Chiefs trifecta backing up Alex Smith

Andy Reid said at the Pro Bowl that Alex Smith was their quarterback heading into 2017.

John Dorsey was asked after that if Alex Smith was their guy heading into 2017 and he said yes.

Now we turn to the third and final decision-maker, the one that really matters: Clark Hunt. The Chiefs owner spoke to the KC Star at the 101 Awards and had this to say:

“I would just reiterate what Andy has said several times throughout the offseason, which is he’s very happy with Alex and Alex is going to be our starter going into 2017,” Hunt said.

(Terez’s story has some good quarterback in there, too)

I thought after Andy Reid said it there was still some wiggle room for the Chiefs. Even after John Dorsey said it I wondered if there was any way circumstances could change their mind. But if they have now let their boss go out there and say Alex is their guy, then Alex better be their guy.

Many of you closed the book on any quarterback changes a while ago. I mostly did but hearing it from Clark confirms it for me. I guess the Chiefs will have to settle for 11 wins and a playoff berth again ...

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