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Report says Eric Berry, Chiefs working on deal to make him highest paid safety in NFL

This seems ... optimistic? NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport is reporting that the Chiefs and Eric Berry are working on a deal that would make him the highest paid safety in the NFL. There are no sources named here so we don’t know where this coming from.

And Adam Schefter:

Previously, we saw Chiefs GM John Dorsey characterize the talks as “positive” while Berry’s agent tweeted our story out and said he wouldn’t call them positive. So, let’s wait and see on this one.

What’s clear is Berry’s value to the Chiefs. He is their team MVP and the heart and soul. This entire time I’ve been saying that I can’t imagine Berry in another uniform. It appears the two sides are trying hard to make sure that never comes.

One more from Rapoport below. Deadlines make deals...

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