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Chiefs, Laurent Duvernay-Tardif working on $41 million extension

The big contract signing for the Kansas City Chiefs we’ve all been waiting for: Canadian doctor / NFL guard Laurent Duvernay-Tardif is close to a $41 million extension with the Chiefs ... um, what?

This was completely off our radar. The money seems outrageous when you first look at it. We’ll break the deal down in the coming days but for a team that didn’t seem to value guards as highly as other positions this sure seems like a lot of money. Of course, the devil is in the details ... who knows what the contract really looks like.

I say all that but I don’t mean to distract from LDT who is an outstanding story. If the NFL wants to look good, they will show the world more of LDT. The weekend he was drafted, he was busy helping deliver twins. He spends his offseasons studying to become a doctor. Incredible.

The timing of this is not ideal because all of our attention is on Eric Berry right now. (Update: And of course there’s potentially good Berry news coming!) The casual fan will see this deal and say, “Why are the Chiefs giving money to a guard when they could be giving it to Eric Berry?” It’s a good question! These deals don’t affect each other but on the surface it’s not a good look for the Chiefs to pay a third year guard and not their all-pro safety who beat cancer.

Let’s wait on the details...

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