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Chiefs’ Eric Berry “not getting my hopes up” on a new deal, still hopes to remain a Chief

The Kansas City Chiefs have two more days to decide on their franchise tag player. The belief is that Eric Berry will get the tag if the Chiefs can’t reach a long-term deal with him so that they free up the tag for someone else, like Dontari Poe.

Berry was at the 101 Awards in Kansas City this week and local media outlets quoted him on his thoughts on getting a long-term deal.

Via the KC Star (click the link for quotes from Clark Hunt, too):

“I’m going to keep being patient because you never know. Last year I thought one thing and it didn’t happen. So I’m not getting my hopes up; I’m looking at it logically.”

That seems like a reasonable take, especially after last year when he was hoping to get a new deal and didn’t get one. I can see where some of his frustration comes from, especially the not knowing part.

While the “not getting my hopes up” quote doesn’t seem so positive, check out this quote from the Star when Berry was asked if he thinks he’ll remain in Kansas City.

“I really hope so … I think so, too. Only time will tell. We’ll see.”

That sounds more promising? We’ll find out soon...

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