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Mel Kiper thinks Joe Mixon could be drafted earlier than Tyreek Hill last year

There are going to be a lot of Tyreek Hill comparisons for Joe Mixon in the draft this year for obvious reasons. Tyreek had domestic violence on his record entering the NFL while there’s video of Mixon punching a woman. Video matters but in the NFL so does talent. That seems harsh but it’s true. Why else would the Chiefs draft Tyreek Hill? Because he’s really fast.

Joe Mixon is talented too. Someone is probably going to take him. ESPN’s Mel Kiper spoke to The MMQB and suggested that Mixon will go before the fifth round, which is where Tyreek went.

Now, who is going to take him? I don’t know. What round will he go in? I don’t know, he is an X factor player, you just don’t know where he is going to go. If I had to guess, I would say third to fifth round. If Tyreek Hill is a fifth round pick out of West Alabama and this kid played at Oklahoma and had a great year, I would say third, fourth or fifth round.

Although the Chiefs have a need at running back, they can’t draft Mixon. Not after the reaction last year with Tyreek. There are still some hard feelings there. It’s a complicated issue not everyone knows how to deal with.

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