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The Voice of the Chiefs hasn’t heard any Tony Romo talk at One Arrowhead Drive

For our daily Tony Romo post I go back a few days to when the voice of the Kansas City Chiefs Mitch Holthus joined Kevin Kietzman on 810 WHB to talk about the Chiefs offseason. The most talked about topic is of course Tony Romo.

I found this interesting from Holthus:

“I’ve heard none of that inside the fort,” Holthus said of the Romo reports. “I stay plugged in even though I’m running around the nation doing these basketball games. I haven’t heard any of that outside of those reports.”

If there was something brewing and Holthus knew about it, he wouldn’t say that. He would say something else. This isn’t a smoking gun that says the Chiefs aren’t going after Romo because, who knows, maybe there’s a secret push to get Romo. But at some point we’ll have to take the public comments from Chiefs officials at face value and realize ... they’re probably not going after Tony Romo.

Does this mean we’re done writing Romo articles? Of course not. This is catnip to a Chiefs blogger.

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