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The Chiefs have done the Jimmy Garoppolo thing before, it didn’t work out

It’s the offseason so eventually we’ll throw out every scenario imaginable for the Kansas City Chiefs, especially as it relates to the quarterback. We’ve gone from keeping Alex Smith to signing Cowboys QB Tony Romo to drafting a top quarterback.

Here’s a new one: Patriots QB Jimmy Garoppolo.

“There’s a growing sense among NFL executives that Kansas City may be willing to move on from quarterback Alex Smith if the Chiefs are able to get Tony Romo or even get into the market for Jimmy Garoppolo,” Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole said in a video on Twitter.

Read that again ... growing sense ... may be willing ... if. There’s nothing here. The Chiefs aren’t cutting Alex to leave $7 million in dead money in order to sign a guy they don’t know to a big contract. Good rule of thumb, if there is real news, it won’t be dumped in a Twitter video.

The other thing here, the Chiefs have done the trade for a Patriots backup and give him a big contract. You think they want to do that again? Nah. Draft. Your. Guy.

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