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Chiefs fan spots Eric Berry in KC, and of course he asked about his contract

Good job by this Kansas City Chiefs fan not only capturing a photo of Eric Berry in Kansas City this week but also asking him about his contract. You have a future as a blogger, my friend.

Yeah, yeah, what else is Berry going to say? I know. He’s not going to give up the goods to someone on the street. If things are going well or going poorly, I hope we know. Last year, it became obvious things were getting a little contentious. We’ve already seen a hint of that with Berry’s agent saying the talks aren’t exactly positive as Chiefs GM John Dorsey said.

The big picture thing to remember here: deadlines. These things happen on deadlines. The first one comes March 1 which is the deadline for teams to apply the franchise tag. If the Chiefs tag Berry, the next key date is July 15, the deadline to do a long-term deal for tagged players before the season.

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