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Chiefs free agency: What is Dontari Poe’s market?

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We’re a few weeks from free agency and I still can’t figure out what Dontari Poe’s market is. How much is he worth? How many teams would be interested?

The market is all over the place. It just depends on how other teams view him. The top of the market is Ndamukong Suh at over $19 million per year. He won’t touch that. Marcell Dareus is another comparable at over $`15 million per year. That seems high too. What about the five-year, $46 million deal from Damon Harrison? $9 million-plus a year for Poe?

Although we don’t know his market, Pro Football Focus puts him on the list of free agents that are about to get overpaid. PFF says Poe hasn’t hit the highs of his 2013 season.

“Since then, however, he has never really looked like the same player,” PFF writes. “His movement skills at 346 pounds, coupled with the huge durability he has had in playing over 4,500 snaps in his five seasons in the league, will get somebody interested, because there simply aren’t many human beings on the planet that can tick those boxes. Poe, though, has struggled to live up to the potential he showed back in 2013.”

I guess what stands out to me is the Chiefs run defense. I do want Poe back but it’s hard to justify a huge contract when the Chiefs run defense hasn’t been very good. Poe plays some role in that. How much? I don’t know but I can’t get the image of them not stopping the run in that Steelers playoff game.

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