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Here’s what Chiefs’ Andy Reid said about Tony Romo six months ago

I came across an Andy Reid interview did with Colin Cowherd from August of last year. This would be just as training camp and preseason was winding down but before the actual season. I may have listened to this interview back when it happened but I don’t remember much about it. Listening to it now, with a full season under our belts, is very interesting. In there, Reid talks about Dak Prescott and Tony Romo, who had just been hurt. Reid was impressed with Dak’s work in the preseason. Then he also mentioned what a great quarterback Romo was. This is notable now because there are media members saying the Chiefs are among the teams that make the most sense for Romo, who is still a Cowboy as of today.

So, about this interview. The video is below and a transcript below that.

The first question was about what we can learn from the preseason (remember this was during the preseason in 2016).

“You see the execution and take Dak (Prescott). I don’t even know if I can talk about other players but I’m saying that I like what he’s doing. You compare these players, that’s what you do. You look and that’s what fans do. They go, ‘Wow that guy is really moving the ball and giving his team an opportunity to score touchdowns’. Is this quarterback doing that or is that quarterback doing that and maybe they do a comparison there. For a young kid, he’s doing a nice job.

“I drafted (Fletcher) Cox at the Eagles the year I ended up leaving or the year after - I was excused, or the year after, I didn’t leave, I was excused. It was like a little kid going to the bathroom, I raised my hand and they kicked me out the door - Cox told me you wait and see this quarterback we have coming up here and said this guy is going to be something. And here he is, I mean here this kid is and they’re doing a heck of a job.

“He’s really just building a foundation. Things are simple right now. We’re not throwing out our best stuff at people. That’s not what we’re doing. We’re trying to give the young kids an opportunity to execute so we can evaluate them as players so they’re not doing so much thinking, they’re doing more playing and reacting. Right now that kid is doing a nice job with it and I think he’s building a nice foundation for himself.”

And now for the Romo mention...

“It’s very vanilla, it’s very vanilla. But whatever’s thrown at you, if you’re doing OK with it, that’s OK. He’s young, he’s young. They have a great quarterback. Tony Romo probably doesn’t get enough credit for what he does. The kid is phenomenal and he’s a great kid. They’re in good hands. As long as he’s healthy, they’re good. How about having a young guy behind him that’s productive? That’s a beautiful thing that you can raise them in your system. He’ll get the blitzes down the road here and we’ll see how he handles that.”

Does this mean the Chiefs are going to trade for Romo because of an innocent comment six months ago? Of course not. But this comment does read differently today after a full season under our belt.

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