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Dont’a Hightower would be a fun free agent for the Chiefs (but it won’t happen)

Usually those “The one free agent every team needs” articles aren’t all that interesting but this one from Gregg Rosenthal of is. He suggests Patriots LB Dont’a Hightower for the Kansas City Chiefs. Interesting choice, and not one we hear every day.

There are reasons for and against this. Here’s what Rosenthal said:

John Dorsey could make room if he truly wanted to. Kansas City was surprisingly stale in the front seven last season, especially at the linebacker position. Hightower will provide leadership and the flexibility to line up in any formation with any team that signs him.

The obvious reason against it is the money. He’s the best inside linebacker available and teams have a historic amount of cap space this year so someone is going to pay him a boatload of money, especially after coming off a Super Bowl season. That’s why I’m sure this won’t happen (but is still fun to talk about).

The other reason against it is Derrick Johnson. He’s got a decent contract and he’s coming back with the expectation that he’ll be ready by the season (his expectation, I’m not sure if the Chiefs think he’ll be ready).

The reason for it is that he helps what is probably the Chiefs biggest problem on defense, which is stopping the run. He makes the Chiefs defense better and he gives them insurance against DJ not coming back the player he once way.

It’s fun to think about but as noted the money will likely make it prohibitive (if the Patriots don’t franchise him).

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