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Are the Kansas City Chiefs in win-now mode?

I posted a story wondering if Tyler Bray was ready to be the Chiefs No. 2 behind Alex Smith and someone suggested to me in response that they need a veteran back there because the Chiefs are in win-now mode.

I won’t argue the value of a veteran back there but I wondered if the Chiefs are really in win-now mode. Are they? I look at the quarterback and the fact that they have this playoff window and windows aren’t forever and you say they’re in win-now mode.

But the Chiefs are also a young team. They have a lot of depth. John Dorsey has killed the draft the last couple of years and I have a lot of faith that he’s going to continue to draft well.

I don’t think the Chiefs are in win-now mode because I think they’re going to be good for the foreseeable future. Unless of course they blow it on the quarterback after Alex Smith (or if Alex leaves sooner than expected, like this year).

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