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Eric Berry says he won’t play for Chiefs under franchise tag again

This offseason will be full of Tony Romo rumors and Eric Berry contract reports. The latest comes from Berry who said on NFL Network’s Super Bowl coverage that he won’t play next year under the franchise tag.

This is what I would expect him to say. The Chiefs could tag him again at a 20 percent increase over last year. He wants the long-term deal with more guaranteed money like everyone else. Would he actually hold out if the Chiefs tagged him? I have no idea. He’s made a lot of money in his career but he’s also in the prime of his career.

The Chiefs decision to tag him will have to come before free agency in March so things will heat up soon. The two sides have talked, as Berry said previously. They probably know where the other stands.

Berry said he hopes to stay in Kansas City. Chiefs fans feel the same.

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