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Tony Romo rumor season is here, Chiefs are mentioned

Bloggers, get your typing fingers ready! The Kansas City Chiefs are going to be right in the middle of all these Tony Romo rumors this offseason. We’ve mentioned Romo and the Chiefs before most recently with Peter King saying it’s not stupid at all to think of Romo to the Chiefs.

The latest Romo rumor says that Romo wants to play for a contender - like the Chiefs. This comes via CBS Sports’ Jason Canfora:

The Cowboys will listen to offers for Tony Romo, sources said, once owner Jerry Jones has his meeting with the Pro Bowl quarterback. Romo prefers to be moved to a contending team -- specifically, the Texans, Cardinals, Broncos and Chiefs. The Bills also have significant interest in Romo, team and league sources said, though they realize that it might be a tough sell.

What do the Chiefs think? That’s what we don’t know. We know what they’ve said publicly - that Alex Smith is their guy. But actions are what matter, not words.

It’s Romo’s injury history that’s got me still. That would be tough to take on in a trade. I feel like with Alex Smith, the Chiefs are very likely to make the playoffs next year. With Romo and his injury history, I have no idea. Their ceiling is probably higher with a healthy Romo, which is what makes it intriguing. A LOT would have to happen, especially with Alex Smith, for this to be considered.

Anyway, Romo rumor season. It’s here.

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