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Super Bowl predictions: Eric Berry taking Falcons, says the city is behind them

Eric Berry is from the Atlanta area and he’s going with the Falcons to beat the Patriots in the 2017 Super Bowl. Berry joined SportsCenter to talk about the game and I transcribed some of his words.

What makes the Falcons good: “They got weapons and they know how to use them. As far as matching up, the only thing you’re gonna be able to do is change your weaknesses into strengths on defense. That’s the only thing. You better respect Julio, you better respect their backs, you better respect Matt Ryan because every opportunity they had a chance to score and take it the distance. You can’t take it lightly.”

Who gave him the most trouble when the Chiefs played the Falcons: “All of them. It was a chess match because sometimes they would run it and they got explosive backs and you have to respect that. You’re caught in a grey area so you have to trust your instincts and film study.”

His pick for the game: “I’m going with Atlanta. Looking at it from a game plan and matchup, the coaches, they’re very smart and cerebral guys. I still have to go with Atlanta. I feel like there’s something behind them, I feel like the city’s behind them. I know what a Super Bowl can bring to a community so I’m excited to see what could happen in Atlanta if they do win. I might be biased on that part. But yeah I’m excited for them.”

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