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Arrowheadlines: Patriots practice the sneak, Chiefs players following Chris Ballard to Colts

Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill has made a name for himself this season | The Kansas City Star

But what ocurred during Sunday’s Pro Bowl — when he actually heard NFC players yelling at their punter, Johnny Hekker, to kick it away from Chiefs teammate Tyreek Hill — absolutely blew his mind. "It’s one thing to do it during the season," Colquitt explained, "but when you have the other side saying ‘kick the ball out of bounds’ at the Pro Bowl –when all the good players are out there – that’s saying something.

Bills Today: Reid: Culley very qualified as Bills QBs coach |

"He played quarterback so he always wanted to get back to doing that," Reid told "He was always involved in our pass game all the time. He’d set it up with me and present it to the players. He’s done installs. He’s done everything. I looked at him like another coordinator."

Peter King on Tony Romo to Chiefs, Alex Smith to Jets: ‘It’s not stupid at all’ | Arrowhead Pride

"It’s not stupid at all," Peter King said on the radio show. "It’s sensible because the Jets don’t have the patience right now to either give (Jets QB Christian) Hackenberg a trial year or to pick another guy and get back on the quarterback merry-go-round. Right now you get a B, B- or B+ quarterback on a given Sunday who’s not going to turn it over, who is going to do what Todd Bowles wants him to do."

The Patriots Are Even Sneakier Than You Think | FiveThirtyEight

The frequent success is due largely to two factors. The first: The simplest football play is a constant focus for the Patriots. Huard, who played for the Cincinnati Bengals, the Miami Dolphins, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the San Francisco 49ers during his 14-year career, said Belichick and the Patriots prioritized the QB sneak more than any other team. "Oh yeah," he answered simply when asked, adding that while he can’t remember QB sneaks ever being the specific focus of a game plan, Brady, Belichick, the offensive coordinator and the offensive line talked about them on a weekly basis. They practice them, too, a fact that shocked coaches around the league.

Could Kansas City Chiefs players follow GM Chris Ballard to Indy? | CBS 4

However, Berry’s situation, coupled with limited salary-cap flexibility moving forward, might make it difficult for Kansas City to also meet Poe’s demands. The 6-3, 345-pound, 26-year-old Poe would represent a proven interior anchor for the Colts’ defense. Regardless of how many – or if any – Chiefs follow Ballard to Indy, he made it clear he’s not a believer in investing heavily in veteran free agency. "We’ll get into free agency a little bit,’’ he said, "but you can’t buy a locker room and you have to be careful when you enter into free agency. But we’re going to try to acquire as many young players that we can to have a competitive roster.

A Look Back at the Chiefs’ Awards from the 2016 Season |

When a team goes 12-4 in the National Football League like the Kansas City Chiefs did in 2016, that means it is made up of some very talented players, ones that are capable of winning weekly, monthly and even yearly awards. In 2016, that happened. Here’s a look back at the 29 awards and honors the Chiefs won throughout this past year:

Cabot: The latest from sources on the Browns’ QB situation | Dawgs By Nature

At the Senior Bowl, Cabot says she talked to one general manager, one director of player personnel, and one offensive coordinator who each said they would select QB Deshaun Watson at No. 1 overall. Cabot personally does not feel like the Browns are convinced he is worth that yet, and she notes that Mitch Trubisky could be gaining some momentum. However, a report about his height being closer to 6-1 rather than 6-3 might end up sinking his value.

Eric Church rocks Sprint Center in 3-hour-plus show | The Kansas City Star

Church is a seasoned live performer, one who knows how to stoke a crowd and keep it on the verge of frenzy, like name-dropping the Chiefs a few times and yelling "Kansas City" often.

Dallas Cowboys: Moose Johnston: If Tony Romo joins another NFC team, he'd be a Super Bowl 'roadblock' for the Cowboys | SportsDay

"Is it time for Kansas City to move away from Alex Smith? They've had the opportunity for the last couple years and haven't been able to get past the divisional round. And it's also close to Dallas, a short flight back to Dallas. They've got a great defense. Does Tony Romo appeal to the Kansas City Chiefs? Would Andy Reid be willing to part ways with Alex Smith and move in another direction?"

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