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Video: Let's not forget how amazing Jamaal Charles was in high school

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In honor of National Signing Day, let's revisit the high school highlights of one of our favorite players.

Wednesday was National Signing Day, the day where college football hopefuls everywhere scratch their heads trying to figure out what a fax machine is, we thought it'd be the perfect time to remind ourselves of just how good Jamaal Charles was in high school.

Coming out of high school in 2005, Rivals ranked Charles as a four-star back out of McAllen Memorial High School in Port Arthur, Texas, where he rushed 281 times for 2,051 yards (7.3 yards/carry) and 27 touchdowns. He committed to Texas to stay in-state despite offers from Florida, Notre Dame and Nebraska.

Check out the full range of Charles' high school highlights below. My favorite move comes at 0:42 if you want to skip ahead, but the whole thing is great.